Who Wants to Know How a Working Father of Two Was Able to Leave His 6-Figure Day Job of 10 Years to DOUBLE his income while working HALF as much?

"Don't Be Scammed, Mislead, or Tricked by Out-Dated, Un-Realistic and Un-Proven Online Money Making Opportunities!"

Making money online CAN be done by anybody, but too many people waste time and money trying gimmicks that are either impossible to implement, require huge amounts of capital, or simply no longer works in the current internet environment.

By following & understanding the simple fundamentals of the internet and applying basic step-by-step strategies, 6-figure recurring incomes can be generated by anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

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From the desk of Matthew Bredel

Wednesday, 8:37am
San Diego, California

Could you use an extra $1000 per month? Over a year ago, I needed to earn an extra $1000 per month to pay the bills. I just had my second child, bought a new house and a couple of really nasty medical bills put us in the red every month. Still, I had a full-time job and needed to find some kind of income generating source that was flexible with my time and my budget. Does this sound familiar?

Do you wake up every morning for work dreading the upcoming day? Sure, your job pays the bills, but your passion for working is nearly nonexistent. Your boss nags you constantly and the pain and effort to ask for next Tuesday off to take your partner out for a nice lunch is nearly unbearable.

Who are all of these people that I keep reading about that are making a living on the internet, anyway?

I asked these questions. I pondered these thoughts. But I always said to myself..."What if!"

What if...you COULD make money online!

What if...you COULD bring in an extra $1000/month in your spare time!

What if...you COULD quit your job and work from home!

What if...you WERE one of these people who made a living online!

So I tried it! I bought a 50 page eBook and gave it a shot! The information was interesting and the concept of online marketing made a lot of sense. But I was not making money. Why? Looking back at my trials and tribulations of making money online, my problem was not with the concepts, but with the details. So many people are willing to tell you what to do to make money online but very few are going to tell you exactly how they do it.

"I think you did a great job in organizing the information and the overall design of the site. The videos are very clear and simple to understand (if you already have some basic knowledge) and I like the fact that you added a pdf doc along with it. I also like the fact that your not trying to sell us anything on the videos which is not the case with most internet marketers out there. I also like the fact that you show your own business model in the ecommerce video..."
- Jeff G.

"Thanks for your encouragement; your advice and experience are so valuable to me..."
- Michelle H.

"Matt, You're awesome....thanks for all your help!"
- Steve L.

"Thanks Matt...[The Videos are] Very easy to follow and I love your systematic teaching."
- Alice

"I recently had the opportunity to join Tru-Guru. Tru-Guru is a comprehensive membership program covering all aspects of internet marketing. The program is ideal for both the beginner and for the more experienced internet marketer. I found the website easy to navigate and the videos very clear and easy to follow. The forums provide a lively interchange, and Matt is very kind giving of his knowledge and time."
- Helene Z.

Is Internet Marketing a Scam?

Internet Marketing is actually very real. And it is still in its infancy! The scam is not in its theory, but its application. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people trying to sell you "that next best thing", but in reality it is still all the same. The people who do make money online keep making money for one main reason: they understand the concepts and they know how to apply the details. Most online money making programs are more than happy to share with you the concepts but few actually show you the details.

Where Do You Go?

After three months of not making a cent off of internet marketing, I started to research and study what other successful online entrepreneurs were doing. I also started testing these methods to determine what works and what doesn't. In the fourth month, I made my first sale. My fifth month, I made $200. My sixth month, I made $1200. This stuff really works!

The Twelfth Month

I made over $11,000 in commissions (after 5 continuous months of earning increases) and fired my boss. The What If's became a reality. But how did I do it? Well, here is the good news for you...I decided to make my first online marketing career venture one that will teach others not only the concepts of making money online, but the details, as well.

Web 2.0 is Here!

With the new Web 2.0 era upon us, we have the opportunity to show you exactly what we do, step-by-step, click-by-click with screen capture recordings. Plus, we can offer screen shots and written commentary to demonstrate exactly what is going on. I am proud to say that Tru-Guru is one of the best and most thorough online money making programs currently on the internet. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

Why should I listen to you, Matt?

Simple: I know how this works. Not only have I been successful at making money online, but I have developed a solid reputation in the internet community as "TheWebReviewer". As TheWebReviewer, I have spent years reading every money making program I can find and testing every tool that I felt could be useful. I know what is out there, so for Tru-Guru, I take the best and most important aspects of all my research and my own successes (and failures) and bundle it together for Tru-Guru.

Consider Tru-Guru the "Best of the Best" and then a few steps beyond that. In Tru-Guru, I reveal my money making secrets and tools which brought me from a 9-to-5 working cog to a home based business entrepreneur working from home, making more money than ever, and living the lifestyle I have always dreamed!

Multiple Streams of Income

Building an online business is more than just creating one website and choosing just one venture. Sure, you can make a lot of money on one project, but once it starts raining, it POURS! I don't know about you, but I did not become an online marketer to make money, I became an online marketer to CREATE WEALTH! And online, there are so many places to make money. The funny thing is that they are all related. Diversify your projects! Create MULTIPLE streams of income. This will not only protect you from seasonal slumps, but it will create WEALTH that much faster.

Tru-Guru is not just about affiliate marketing. That is just a starting point for some. This is about so much more!

  • Affiliate Marketing - Referring people to other websites and earning a commission for the lead. No products to Sell!
  • eCommerce - Selling physical products online. Whether it is an eBay store or an eCommerce website, there is tons of money to be made!
  • Blogging for Money - People love blogs. If you have something interesting to say, people will come! And when people come, so does advertising revenue.
  • Building Discussion Forums and Communities - Building communities can bring a lot of traffic, loyalty and search engine love...All this equals one thing: MONEY!
  • Adsense Websites - "Adsense is Dead"...NOT! Adsense is still alive, as long as you are creating the right kind of content!
  • Web 2.0 - The future of making money is upon us! Social marketing, multimedia videos and bookmarking are the latest craze and should not be ignored!

Who is Tru-Guru For?

One of the greatest things about the internet and making money online is its diversity of success stories! In my case, I am an average 30-some father who held a day job looking for a little extra cash and ultimately a change. What about the high school students that are making more than their parents? And then there are the college students who work out of their dorm room and now pay their tuition with cash. And what about Stay-At-Home Moms? What job offers you the flexibility of taking care of the kids while bringing in much needed cash? Retirees! Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Understand that creating a home based business offers no advantages to anyone. If you have a computer, an internet connection and a bit of common sense, there is nothing from stopping you from succeeding...Except knowing HOW to do it.

How in the Heck I Am I Going to Create A Website?

People trying to find extra "cash" online find themselves gearing toward silly things like Paid Surveys, Type-At-Home programs, Read Emails for Cash or Data Entry Jobs. In some cases, like Paid Surveys or Read Emails for Cash, you can make money, but is your time really worth $3/hour? And what you are building with these types of programs? Nothing! There is no residual income and once you stop, there is no more money to be made and no assets were ever created. Some Type-At-Home programs and Data Entry Jobs are borderline scams! A true data entry position would require you to spend a lot of time in front of a computer entering data for virtually nothing. If I can outsource my data entry task to someone overseas for less than a dollar an hour, how much do you expect people to pay you for the same task? Other programs claim to be data entry jobs, when in reality they are nothing more than old fashion Google Cash earnings methods.

Google Cash Methods Are Dead!

Many advertised Type-At-Home programs are nothing more than watered-down Google Cash strategies. Understand that these strategies no longer work! As Google and the other Pay-Per-Click companies have evolved, the days of fast, easy earnings selling affiliate products directly on the PPC's themselves are long gone. You cannot even promote these programs any more on Google Adwords because they are deemed to be fraudulent and misleading.

It is Not That Difficult

People are looking for an easy solution to making extra money from home and these Paid-to programs are attractive because they do seem so simple. The thought of having to build a website seems very technical or over-bearing to most people. This cannot be further from the truth! In fact, most online marketers that I know do not know a THING about web design. The great thing about web design is that you can do as much or as little as you like. There are so many tools and products available at all different price points (from Free templates and blogs to Fully Customized eCommerce websites!). Knowing which strategy that will work best FOR YOU is the biggest challenge to building a website. Tru-Guru provides a number of options and examples (and we show you step-by-step in our videos!) of many different ways you can develop a website in no time at all!

How to make a killing even if you have no website, and no clue how to make one.
Google Adwords Secrets to advertise your free website.
See How the Gurus get TOP Google Search engine positions without spending a dime!
Detailed copywriting strategies will propel your conversions by multiple factors!
How to Optimize your Google Adsense placement and set-up to maximize its earning potential!
How to build your own list of email subscribers - and how to send them other offers that earn you money automatically.
How to identify profitable markets and find products to sell in that market - This is BIG DEAL and is covered in GREAT DEPTH!
How to source physical products for those pursuing business in eCommerce, the eBay marketplace and other online eStores.
Learn how to make powerful (and FREE) blogs to drive traffic to your own website (and earn money through advertising, too!)
For the true online novice, "basic computer topic" videos are provided so you will never be left behind.

Now it's your turn to become one of the successful entrepreneurs who are earning money every day


ONLY $4.95*!

* You will be receiving a fifteen day trial (15 days) to the entire Tru-Guru product for US$4.95. After the 15 day trial, you will continue to enjoy a full membership to Tru-Guru for the affordable cost of $39.95 per month, billed automatically to your credit card. Rest assured, you may cancel your membership at any time during the trial or anytime thereafter as outlined in the terms and conditions.
Whats Inside?

Unlike most programs, Tru-Guru SHOWS you steps required to create an online business through the use of online video. Each week, you will be given a new selection of videos that focuses on a major topic in the online money making world. The videos begin with the basics such as identifying the different types of ways to make money. This continues into one of the most important topics that is usually ignored by most programs, and that is market, product, and keyword research. And this is only the beginning. From here, we take you through the steps of developing websites with little to no money and with little to no knowledge of design (in most cases, it is done for you!).

Later videos dig deep into hot topics such as

Search Engine Marketing
(Getting Top Positions in Google!)
Social Marketing
(Become a respected guru in your field!)
Traffic Secrets
(Discover which traffic methods are scams!)
Writing Killer Adcopy
(Detailed writing strategies to sell anything!)
Converting Visitors to Customers
(Powerful conversion strategies to double sales!)
Advertising Income
(Make Money by not selling a THING!)
(Using Blogging to create an internet Empire!)

And this is only the beginning! Videos are added to the libraries on a monthly basis. Some of these videos focus on today's most current and up-to-date strategies and techniques (such as video production). Others are created based on popular demand and need (Hot topics in the forum may be addressed through new video topics).

In addition to the standard video library, we have an expanding archive library of video Webinars posted on a regular basis.


Some of us just don't have the time to watch over 50 videos. Sometimes I just like a good outline or good description to get me onto the right path. Or maybe you are looking to take notes on the videos you watch. Or maybe you just need a reference for later when you actually go and apply the strategies being taught.

In any case, having the videos in written form is going to make learning this stuff that much faster!


These are some of the most popular documents within the Tru-Social-Guru portal! These tips sheets are simple one-page documents that provide you with instruction or information on easy to implement, yet highly effective strategies to increase your traffic, increase your conversions (and increase your earning!) within a matter of minutes.

Also realize that these tip sheets offer strategies to both novices and advanced internet users a-like.

Tru-Niche Annihilator Worksheet!

Picking out the RIGHT niche to explore is perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT step of social marketing. You need both topic that will make you a lot of money as well as a niche you will enjoy.

Making money AND having fun while doing it is everyone's goal!

Choosing the wrong niche can result in either a lot of work and no income, or a complete loss of interest (which, again, results in no income).

The Tru-Niche Annihilator Worksheet is a Step-By-Step quantitative exercise to help you find yourself a highly profitable niche, as well as one that you will enjoy. The process is simple and the results can be rather eye-opening!

(And this works for any type of niche marketing...not just social marketing!)

Tru-Niche Worksheet

FREE Bonus #1:

You DON'T Need Money to Succeed: No-Money-Marketing
- value $97


Making money online does not need to be a major investment. In fact, building wealth online is of the largest return-on-investment businesses in history! With nothing more than a computer, internet access and a bit of common sense, you can create a career-level income online with virtually no additional investments at all!

No-Money-Marketing details the tactics and ways of generating internet income without having to design a fancy website, being tied down to shipping packages to clients, or needing to be a celebrity to be seen and heard.

Anyone can do this now and No-Money-Marketing's proven methods focus on showing the laymen internet user ways of generating income today on the internet (without any additional investments, pricy websites, or expensive tools!).

FREE Bonus #2:

Avoid Mistakes, Make Money Faster: The Frustrated Affiliate
- value $97

This is my story.

I didn't believe that making money online was possible at the beginning. I wasted a lot of time and money following the wrong paths and the wrong strategies.

But I persevered. This is the story of how I started online, my initial frustrations, the hurdles I overtook and the home based business dream that I currently live and created for myself after only one year of internet marketing between the hours of 8pm and 9:30pm at night, 6 days per week (after finishing work and putting the kids to bed and before spending a little time with my wife before I went to bed).

"I find your site to be wonderful, and the content extraordinary!"
- William L.

I explain, in detail, the roadblocks that I faced and how easy it would have been to avoid them. I go through my strategy, chapter-by-chapter, the steps I took to succeed (and explain to you the lessons I had learned).

This is a MUST READ for anyone planning to make money online. The road to success does not need to be arduous...Learn from my mistakes, apply my strategies, and a little bit of perseverance will take you places that you have only dreamed about.

Ordering Information

By purchasing Tru-Guru today, you will be given instant access to this live-changing program, all of the bonuses and more. The sign-up process is extremely simple. Simply select the "Click Here to Get Started" button at the bottom of this page. ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.

* You will be receiving a fifteen day trial (15 days) to the entire Tru-Guru product for US$4.95. After the 15 day trial, you will continue to enjoy a full membership to Tru-Guru for the affordable cost of $39.90 per month, billed automatically to your credit card. Rest assured, you may cancel your membership at any time during the trial or anytime thereafter as outlined in the terms and conditions.

And we think that Tru-Guru is so good and that we guarantee it for 60 days! If you are not completely satisfied with the program, we will refund 100% of your money.

This program will only work for people who:

Are committed to applying my techniques
Are committed to initially working hard
Are committed to treat this as a business, not a "get rich quick" scheme
Are committed to changing your life for the better


One of first lessons that I was taught was not to waste time, and the second lesson was to not let an great opportunity slip away! For so many years, I would tell myself that I was going to do it...tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes unless you take action today.

The secrets to online money making success are here and your risk to seeing them is virtually nothing. Access is literally 5 minutes away, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. And if you don't like it, simply return my product for a full refund within the next 60 days, but I am highly confident that you will not be requesting a refund.

I look forward to hearing your success story and making the dreams you only imagined become a reality.


Matthew Bredel

P.S. Yes, the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee IS included on all promotional savings. See EVERYTHING that Tru-Guru has to offer at no risk to you at all!

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